Robbery and Burglary crimes

Robbery and Burglary Lawyer in New York

There are many legal concepts that can be confusing. Robbery and burglary are two legal things that can be confusing. They refer to two different crimes but may refer to the same act. You can get in touch with our Robbery and Burglary Lawyer in New York if you are being prosecuted for Burglary or Robbery in order to be provided with one of the best criminal defenses in NY.

Imagine this scenario, there is a family that found out that their house has been broken in. They discover that the family members lost their belongings. When they catch the culprits, is it burglary or is it robbery?


Robbery is defined as the “crime where someone takes something of value directly from someone else”. It requires the presence of the following elements:

  • taking money or property;
  • directly from someone;
  • without permission;
  • with the intent to keep the property permanently; and
  • through the use of force or intimidation.

Robbery is a felony. It comes with significant prison time and hefty fines. It is punishable by a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000. In case that it is an armed robbery, Robbery and Burglarythe individual may end up with a prison sentence of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of as much as $50,000.


On the other hand, burglary is defined as the taking of the property of another and it has the following elements:

  • illegally entering the property of another;
  • entering a building, usually a home or business, that is otherwise locked; and
  • the individual entered the intent to steal something or commit a felony while inside.

Burglary is defined as a felony in most States. The penalty, however, depends on different kinds of factors such as the following:

  • the type of crime the burglar intended to commit inside the building;
  • whether the burglar was armed with a weapon;
  • the type of building involved; and
  • whether the building was occupied at the time.

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Getting legal help is the best thing that you can do if you are faced with a predicament. Whether you are being prosecuted for burglary or robbery, you would need a good lawyer to help defend your cause. Get legal help as soon as the need arises.

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