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Sex crimes are sexual acts against someone else who is not consenting in action. For instance, indecent exposure online is a sex crime as it violates nature. Similarly, if one person is raped by another even though they are married, the act is classified as a sex crime. Accompanied by NYC Sex Offense Lawyer, you can defend yourself from been convicted harshly in New York. Moreover, the lawyer will help you prepare the solid criminal defense in New York and coach you on how to answer questions correctly.

High profile sex cases continue to make the headline. But, how exactly does the law protect both the offender and the victim?

Well, the definition of a sex crime may differ from one state to another jurisdiction. But, several features determining the meaning of sex crime across most countries. They include;

  • Crimes opposed to adults: rape, sexual assault and marital rape
  • Crimes against relatives: incest
  • Crimes critical to children: abduction, pornography, molestation exploitation
  • Crimes hostile to nature:  bestiality indecent exposure, sodomy
  • Crimes regarding sex for sale: prostitution

Sex Offender Registry

The sex offender registry is a database holding names of every person that has been convicted with a sex crime. The person sentenced should register on the list and failing to attract another penalty of a sex offense. Moreover, you're supposed to keep updating the list in regard to your Sex Crimesmovement. For instance, if you register your name in the sex offender registry in New York and move to another state following a release from prison, you’re required to register on the register of that country. Also, if you move from one house to another in the same region, you should update the information on the sex offender register.

What Happens When You Register as a Sex Offender?

Unfortunately, registering as a sex offender lasts forever. Since it's an online database, the information may not disappear, and new employees, friends and other citizens may come across your information on the database. Needless to say, this can affect the rest of your life even when you show remorse towards your bad acts.

Moreover, registering as a sex offender limits you of specific rights. For instance, you're supposed to stay away from daycares, schools, or anywhere close to where children are. This restriction applies to offenders whose offense did not involve children.

Sex crimes such as public urination, indecent exposure, intentionally transmitting STDs to another person and possessing child pornography. It is therefore, essential to avoid such crimes as it affects the rest of your life. Some state residents are known to evict a person from their homes after being identified as a sex offender.

Sex offenders could also be imposed on a harsher penalty like civil commitment. This is where the individual convicted is involuntarily confined in a mental illness facility until mental health examiner deems them no longer dangerous to society.

When does one become dangerous to society in regards to sex crime?

There are different types of sex crimes that qualify someone to be termed as a sex predator. It's a severe term and takes away some of your rights. These crimes include;

  • Having child pornography

This involves having nude pictures of a child on your device even without your knowledge of their existence.

  • Statutory rape
  • Violent sex or rape
  • Sex against indecency law

Marital Rape

Sex CrimesMarital rape is also a sexual crime. Sex intercourse should be consensual between the involved partners; otherwise, it's a crime. This was however, not the case before 1975 whereby rape between wife and husband was exempted from the convicting the perpetrator.


This is the act of advertising and availing yourself for consensual sex for compensation. Prostitution is illegal in 49 states of America except for Nevada. The penalties of this sex crime are misdemeanors in most states. You may be carrying out the act secretly, but someday you may be caught up with the law. How? Police go undercover to expose prostitution rings.

Sexual battery

Sexual battery is a criminal offense often known as sexual contact. Touching the other person sexually without their consent is a sex crime and could lead to severe charges. However, if you can prove you unintentionally touched the complaining person, you won’t be convicted.



Is having sex in public is a crime?

 Most countries criminalize public sex and charge a misdemeanor penalty.

What should I do if I’m charged with rape or any other sex crime?

A sex crime is a felony. However, different crimes attract lenient to severe penalties. In that context, rape could attract a stiff penalty as compared to battery sex. Consequences also vary on how a lawyer defends you. Therefore, ensure you contact a good lawyer experienced with sex offender rules and regulations and can represent you to get minimal charges.

Can I be convicted of raping a person who I previously had consensual sex with?

Notably, sex can start consensually but end up as rape. Undoubtedly, you can be convicted for raping a person you previously had consensual sex with.

How do you define criminal statute of limitation?

This is the time limit within which the state should prosecute a sex crime after which it can’t. The time ticks immediately, someone commits the crime and ends depending on the law set in your country. However, in some states such as Alaska, the criminal statute of limitations regarding rape has no expiry date. 

The criminal statute of limitations is determined by several factors including the type of sex crime, state and situation. Nonetheless, most countries address the criminal statute of limitations by addressing the following questions.

  • What can keep the time running to ensure victims such as children have ample time to report the crime?
  • Can the criminal statute of limitation be paused and under which circumstances?
  • What triggers the criminal statute of limitations? How does the clock start?


Is the statute of limitations necessary?

Following unreliable witness statements, the statute of limitations is necessary. An unreliable report may include memories of a sex crime and can be distorted for the judge to make the right judgment. If a lawyer decides to press charges against the sex offender, he/she must determine how a statute of limitations applies in that case. Ideally, the prosecutor should consider the following questions;

What is the type of crime? The more the sex crime is felonious, the more he/she will charge the offender.

When did sex crime occur? The clock starts immediately the crime occurs. However, in a scenario that involves a child who takes longer to disclose the crime, the clock will start from the moment that child discloses the crime.

Who was involved in the crime? The prosecutor has to identify the people involved in the crime to determine which statute of limitations applies. For instance, if the crime involves a disabled person, the statute of limitations will be determined differently from how an abled person.Sex Crimes

Is there an exception? If there is substantial evidence such as a DNA sample against the offender, the statute of limitations is paused.

Take Away

Notably, you can’t explore all the laws regarding sex offenses. However, with this as well as a qualified sex offense lawyer beside you, you can defend yourself from been convicted harshly. Moreover, the lawyer will help you prepare the defense and coach you on how to answer questions correctly. Alternatively, if you’re the victim of a sex crime, ensure you hire a good lawyer too, whose skills would win you victim compensation. Find law offices near you and hire one, expertizing in sex crimes.

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