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By definition, Fraud in New York Penal Law is defined as a false representation of fact by words or conduct. The different acts of fraud include:

  • False accusations;
  • Fraudulent actions;
  • Misleading accusations; and 
  • Concealment of facts.

Day in and day out, our law firm has created a system that allows us to spare you from criminal prosecution and safeguard your rights. We cover all major crimes classified either as a Federal Crime or a State Crime in New York.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to do the following:

  • Safeguard the rights of our clients;
  • Make sure that technicalities will be properly remedied if it works in favor of our clients;
  • Allow our clients to seek bail and probation and everything they can to get back their freedom;
  • Make sure that there is no stone unturned and that we have all of the very specific needs of our clients in mind; and
  • Get our clients off the stiffest penalties and, as much as possible, for them to have the lowest minimum penalty possible.

It is in our experience that we can cover cases from A to Z, or as we call it, from F to N (from Federal Crimes to New York State Crimes)

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