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In a world where even innocence is hard to prove, you need a good lawyer to defend you. The same is true especially in child molestation cases where you need to prove your innocenceChild Molestation while everyone around you may think otherwise. Contact our Child Molestation Lawyer in New York and come up with solid criminal defense in NY. Our attorney can give you a more indepth account and detail of the things that you can and cannot do.

If you are being falsely accused of child molestation or any other sexually inappropriate action with a child, protecting your innocence is the first thing that you should do.


What Are The Things That You Should Do In Case Of False Accusation?

The first thing to do is to contact a lawyer. Get yourself that phone call and contact someone who can defend you. Get a relative, a friend, or someone you can trust to get the best defense available for you.

While waiting for your lawyer, you should know the things that you must do to protect your rights.

When Do Accusations Often Happen?

False accusations can happen in cases when you did not expect it to be. Some cases happen in divorce and custody cases. There are also situations and cases in daycare and babysitting scenarios. You will also have to deal with it if you are in a teacher-student or coaching relationships.

There are also situations when children accuse an adult they do not even know and who has no interactions with children.

What to Do If You Are Accused of Child Molestation

Child MolestationAfter making sure that defense is on its way, there are a handful of things that you should know when faced with the accusation.

The most important thing after getting a lawyer is that you should not make any statements. Do not talk to anybody in the meantime. Even someone you know, an investigator, or even a law enforcement officer are not to be conversed with. You should just tell them that you will discuss everything with your lawyer.

Some common statements given by accused individuals that end up being interpreted as guilt are as follows:

  • I did not touch a child inappropriately. - This is a simple statement but the recipient may misinterpret your statement and make it seem that you did touch the child.
  • I was with the child just this afternoon or I was alone with the child today. - These are also statements that could lead others to believe that you are guilty.

Move With Your Defense

Once you have a lawyer, he would advise you of the following things to do but it is better to move on with your defense as early as you can. You should do the following:

  • gather and preserve any physical evidence in your possession. Make sure that you preserve as much evidence as you can. Things that might relate to the alleged victim and your relationship with the victim must be preserved;
  • gather and preserve any documents or records; and
  • make a list of possible witnesses.

What Are The Things That You Should Not Do?

If you are accused of any inappropriate sexual behavior with a child, you should not do any of the following:

  • initiate conversation with the victim or the victim’s family as this may raise questions on your innocence;
  • have any contact with the victim as it may raise questions on your innocence as well;Child Molestation
  • you must also not talk to law enforcement or other investigators without an attorney present; or
  • give any evidence to law enforcement or a child welfare or protection agency without consulting with a lawyer first.

Consult A Lawyer From The Beginning

Prepare your defense with a good lawyer and make sure that everything you do works in your favor.


All you should do to spare yourself from criminal prosecution is to call our telephone at: +(1) 347-763-93-96 or you may visit our office at 464 Ocean parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218.

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